Saturday, June 03, 2006


this morning on my way home from the gym, there was a Tempo in front of me with a little white haired man driving. in the back window was a piece of cardboard and on it, written in thin black marker, it said, "GIT RID OF DRUGS".

he's doing his part for the campaign against drugs. haha.

in triathalon news, today is triathalon training day 6. 3k on the treadmill. intervals of 4min run, 1 min walk.

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Katie said...

Hey Rebecca! I noticed nobody has posted a comment yet this week, so I thought I would be the first! I had a great time visiting with you on the weekend, and I know that you will do just awesome in your triathlon on Aug. 6th - especially with that new bathing suit! (Wink wink). Good luck with your training - always keep that lady in mind running to her bike. Ha ha. You don't have to worry about a thing. See you soon!