Sunday, June 18, 2006

currently reading...

i think i used to read more enlightening, thought-provoking books but over the past year or two, it's mostly become "confessions of a shopaholic" type literature. actually, i loved confessions of a shopaholic and read all of the subsequent books by spohie kinsella. she also wrote undomestic goddess which was even better than confessions. but anyways, i went to the library the other day with tim and decided that there must be more of this "genre" of literature (if you could call it that) out there. so i was looking on the shelves and realized, as you walk with your head tilted sideways so that you can read the titles, that you can recognize these books mostly by the font they use. seriously. here's an example:

now i haven't read these books yet so i'm not reccommending them. but based on what is written on the backs, they look like confessions of a shopaholic type books. if you know of any of these type of books that you would like to recommend, please feel free. summer is coming and i am in need of many books to read!

here are a few of these non-deep nor enlightening books that i've read and enjoyed immensley if you should so desire the same type of literature:

confessions of a shopaholic
shopaholic takes manhattan
shopaholic ties the knot
shopaholic and sister
all by sophie kinsella

can you keep a secret?
undomestic goddess
also sophie

nanny diaries
citizen girl
both emma mclaughlin

just now, in being on amazon gettting these pictures, i've discover that apparently these books have a name: chick lit. great.

but anyways, the point of this post was to say what i am currently reading and it is this: The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters by Elisabeth Robinson.

it is all letters from Olivia Hunt to her sister, parents, bestfriend, ex-husband/boyfriend (haven't figured it out yet) movie executives, directors, stars (she works in the movie industry) and so far this book makes me wish that i wrote more letters. it's good so far. i expected better but maybe it's getting there.

so there you have it. the confessions of a chick lit reader.


Sharelle said...

oh i was so hoping you wouldnt have found out that they are called chick-lit.
this is a whole sub-genre of its own.
i secretly think this summer may bring sharelle's entry into the world.

Alyssa said...

So I have borrowed Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld from Rachel and it is great! I'm half way through but it is one of those books that you can't put down or stop thinking about... it's as addictive as chick-lit but with a little more substance. Definitely should be on your list of summer reading.

rachel synchyshyn said...

Seconds for PREP...on the cover there is a comment from one of the reviews and it says that the book is "as addictive as m & m's" - have to agree! I really think this is a book you will adore.