Saturday, June 10, 2006

the funny thing about blogs...

i feel that i should post, in order to keep up the "posts daily" rep that i have gotten but sometimes i have nothing to say. this equals random topic posts and this leads to one or less comments per post. i need to think of something good to say that people will not be able to resist commenting on.

okay, i have nothing.

overview of saturday, june 10, 2006:
wake up at 9:30am.

read in bed for awhile. have nothing to read so i'm re-reading Mirror of Her Dreams which is a book totally out of my usual reading style (fantasy) but was recommended when i was 18 by my aunt amy when i was "bec the nanny" in ontario one summer. it's a great book. it even has a sequel.

eat breakfast: poached egg on toast. a mother at our school often brings fresh eggs in from their farm to give to us teachers. i feel compelled to take some since the term "fresh eggs" sounds appealing. however, i don't eat that many eggs. now i have a dozen from the last time she brought them in PLUS a flat of 2 and a half dozen that she gave me yesterday.

watch the top two music videos this week on MM. chili peppers and hedley. can you believe that hedley is the number one video? that's crazy. i never expect much from these canadian idols and until hedley, my expectations have always been met.

play "San Juan" with tim: he won.

tim mows the lawn while i sit on the computer looking at blogs waiting for my favourite saturday lunch of bbq-ed hotdogs.

eat hot dogs.

drive to harrison mills to bike the 20km route that will be a part of the triathlon on aug.6. see for the map.

get there and realize that it's a crazy windy road with no shoulder and we'd probably be better off riding 20km somewhere else.

drive to agassiz. tim's "crank" breaks. no bike ride.

stop get some island farms ice cream from the garden centre in agassiz. no flavours that i want so we don't get any. i often stop here with sally on the way home from work on hot days to get ice cream for the 40min. drive home. the two-scoop waffle cones are $2.25. someone from white rock, ice cream capital of the lower mainland, wouldn't know what hit them with those prices.

have a nap. i think there should be nap time available for everyday. i mostly need naps in the middle of weekdays but i always have to work.

eat a Delissio Balance Pizza. one serving is half a pizza and its only 320 calories. how great is that?

stop at Save-On to get some candy on the way to the movies. i favour a combination of peanuts, raisins, almonds, chocolate covered raisins and both peanut and regular M&Ms. it's quite a mixture. the question is, why am i worrying about the calories in my dinner if i'm just going to go and buy all this stuff?

see The Break-Up with Jen Aniston and Vinny Vaughn. comments to come.


mrs.s said...

what an exciting day. I like the pics to illustrate it all!

Sharelle said...

have so many thigns to say about the break-up. saw it tonight - will post about it later - maybe i will beat you to it.
umm. i think we may have reached a new low.
or at least i have. yikes.