Friday, June 30, 2006

what fire?

so i'm done. i don't have to work today. yesterday was my last day! YAY! so i'm sleeping in this morning after i pressed snooze three times on my alarm clock at 8am. i was supposed to go to the gym but decided against it when i felt like sleeping longer. haha. so then at 9 my alarm goes off again so i remove the mask...yes, i'm wearing a mask...and i think, i'll just lay here for a couple minutes. i have a totally crazy dream and it's just getting interesting when the fire alarm goes off. MAN! that is one high-pitched panic inducing sound!!! however, the thought that there might be a fire never occurs to me. i run out of my bedroom, grab a chair from the dining room, stand on it and there are no instructions on these things so i just rip it off the roof. well now there are wires hanging from it and i shock myself. ouch. under the flashing light it says "press and hold." so i'm pressing and holding and it is SCREECHING. when i finally feel as though i may be losing my hearing because it's not turning off, i throw it onto the hard floor and shatter it into pieces.

then i think to myself, "hey, why was that going off?" i look around...i smell the sign of a fire. good thing.

now i have a wicked headache. what a way to start the day.


ang said...

that's horrible! what a crazy unexplainable thing to happen in the morning. Please promise me you'll get another easier to understand model to replace it though, cause fires do happen. :)

ang said...

I need a pedicure, do you know if your place is open sundays? what's the phone number?

Alyssa said...

At my parents house the fire alarm was right outside the upstairs bathroom, so that the steam from a shower would set if off. Super annoying... they finally took it down. I hope you're enjoying your holidays!