Sunday, June 11, 2006

it's official

life as we know it in abbotsford will have to go on hold for the second week of july because we are GOING TO ONTARIO! yay! we've been talking about it forever but there's just never a great time to spend $1500, right? i found a sale on westjet so the tickets were just about $550 each so that was great. on july 2 at 7am we leave abbotsford and we return on july 10 at 3:30pm. sweet! now the trouble is going to be how do we travel around southern ontario and hook up with all our relatives for more than just "coffee"? oh man! but hey -- it's not really "trouble" - it'll be awesome. this will be the first time tim's met my dad's parents. i can't wait for him to eat some of Allan MacDonald's famous apple pie. yes, my "healthy eating" will go on hold for seconds and thirds of the pie. now, if you knew Allan, you'd know that he'll be quite offended if you don't have thirds. haha. ahh, the gravel roads and walks to the barn and trying to catch the wild kittens that are always living in the Mann's garage. i love it. here are some flashback family pics in honour of our upcoming trip to ontario:

here are matt and i at the MacDonald farm with Grandma and Grandpa

this is the kitchen at the MacDonalds - this is where we'll be eating pie. (as you can tell by the lace tablecloth and the flowered wallpaper -- my grandma is a classy lady.)

the current kitten at the time on the Mann farm - i had major scratches from this one

here's Grandma Mann and my aunt Carolyn in the dining room

matt and dad at "grandpa's golf course". according to my grandma's most recent letter, he still "lives" there. ;) too bad tim and i aren't golfers.


Laurie Trueman said...

Hi Rebecca - great photos - the ones of the MacDonald grandparents bring back memories of happier times - we are excited about your visit to Ontario. Because of work schedules, do you have a sense of timing for a visit to your Mississauga relatives by any chance? Are you flying into Toronto or London? What are the times of your arrival and departure? Looking forward to seeing you again.
Aunt Laurie

Joy said... first official comment. I guess it's about time since I've been stalking your blog for a few months now....Matt told me I'd better start commenting...It's kinda crazy that we'll be seeing almost your whole family by the time the summer's done (except for your mom). It was great to see your dad and Matt yesterday at Grandpa Mann's b-day party. Those are great pics! See you soon!!!

Jamie said...

Great post Bec. You are still the champion blogger for interesting content.