Wednesday, June 28, 2006

what a workload!

well, frankly, i haven't even felt like posting this week. i've been in work mode here for the past three days since school ended and the days go by so quickly. i haven't left school until 5:30pm every day this week (including today). okay, okay, all you 9 to 5-ers, maybe that doesn't sound bad.

we have been doing some MAJOR organinzing and purging of our resource rooms here at our school. we have a TA room where we store textbooks that aren't in use or class sets of novels etc etc. now keep in mind that this little school has been around at least 40 years so there have been a considerable amount of teachers going through here over the years. well, the oldest book we found on the shelves of the TA room was 1957. Yeah...we threw a LOT of stuff out. it looks so great and usable now in there! in cleaning my own classroom, i found quite a few fantastic resources for teaching that i'm wishing i'd known i had! it's so great to think that i'll have this much more help in teaching next year. ha.

beginning to plan for next year is so fun though. this is when you remember why you like teaching so much. haha. however, being the procrasinator that i am, i have designed things like my timetable and my dayplan pages first. things that don't matter yet whatsoever. but they look pretty nice. ;)

something that will be new to me next year is centres. if you're not a teacher, this is totally uninteresting, i know. but i'm very excited for my centres. see, i'm starting guided reading everyday which is with small groups of students at a time...hence, needing other centres for everyone else. the latest idea that i'm thinking about is having all the centres planned for the week and then on monday, students are given their Centre Passport which lists each centre they will have to go to for the week and then they get to choose what days they go to what. then they get a punch on their passport when they finish a centre. i'm still working out the kinks on this one because what would happen if every kid wanted to go to the spelling centre that day or something? ah yes, the dilemas of a primary classroom. they're all new to me. that enough rambling about my class? probably so. tonight tim is meeting me here at the school and we're going to Hope with his parents to have dinner with his grandparents. it will be interesting...

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rachel s. said...

BEC! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Ahh, I'm so glad to get home and reunite with some of my favourite people. Great to hear you so excited about school! Hope Ontario is wonderful! You should try to get a hold of Prep to read for your flights - I swear, it's a must-read!

Plus, I updated my blog - sorry for my tardiness!