Thursday, July 13, 2006

100 already?

this is my 100th post on my blog. here's are some memorable moments and quotes from the past 99 posts plus some added comments in italics:

Jan.10/06 - "So I started one and then never let anyone know and never wrote in it again. BUT here I am begging forgiveness and starting afresh. I'm not promising anything great -- just mediocre murmerings of a first year teacher."

Jan.13/06 - "i have decided to do a 7-day free trial at Just Ladies Fitness" (remember when i STARTED working out? now i'm entering a triathalon! crazy)

Feb.13/06 - tim gets a new wedding ring after having lost his a year previous to this date. (since this post, tim has lost this ring never to be found again.)

Feb 26/06 - new haircut.

Feb 27/06 - "THEN i get home and there's a message on my answering machine from buzz bishop. if you are from BC and listen to Z 95.3, you should know that buzz is the afternoon dj. i won $100 to use at Cannery Seafood on the water in Vancouver!!!" (i still have not picked up this gift certificate!)

Feb.28/06 - "crack an egg into a well-greased muffin tin. add a tbsp of diced deli turkey breast and a tbsp of chopped veggies (i chose tomato and green pepper). grate a little cheese on top. bake at 350 C for 12 - 15 min. you can freeze these little guys until you want one and then pop in the microwave for 35 sec. i had two for lunch today. FANTASTIC. travel - omlettes." (i froze a bunch of these for the time that i made them after this post and i just threw out a couple yestreday because they're not very good warmed up.)

Mar.4/06 - "[what cops will do] to give a ticket. apparently they'll go from one side of the highway over the grassy ditch and pull a u-turn to give a ticket. not the greatest end of a day -- that's for sure."

Mar.5/06 - "i went up four aisles with no luck in finding any popcorn. it didn't make any sense. finally i found someone and asked them which aisle popcorn was in. "oh! it's in aisle 9 - right there" he says pointing to the "paper products, salad dressing, and cooking oils". riiiight...that makes sense."

Mar.11/06 - "here's a sad reality my brother informed me of last night: tim hortons french vanilla has 240cal and 7g of saturated fat. the cranberry blueberry bran muffin that i eat to be healthy? 340cal and 2g of saturated fat. shoot."

Mar.12/06 -

Mar.15/06 - "BUT, the observation i will leave you with is this (read it slowly as though i am saying it to you): you all have tickets to get on the plane. there's no rush to stand in line holding your carryons when you could just wait in your comfy airport seat unti the line is gone. why are we rushing?"

Mar.31/06 - "in other news...quote of the day from ellen degeneres: "it is better to have danced and gotten whiplash then to have never danced before." i'd like to dedicate this quote to my mom as it turns out she hates ellen dancing so much that she changes the channel at that part of the show if she's watching it. that makes me laugh."

Apr.22/06 - "i think we're supposed to garden. i've been puttin it off like mad because i am just not a gardener (wait a sec...i'm not a cook, a kitchen or bathroom cleaner, a laundry-doer...hmmm) but our garden is a little out of control."

Apr.23/06 - garden before:

garden after:

Apr.25/06 - "any tips or sympathy ingrown toenail stories of your own, please let me know."

Apr.28/06 - "the point is that i was using all calvin and hobbes pictures and i said to the kids, "who know calvin and hobbes?" and guess how mnay kids raised their hands?!?! ONE!!! w-h-a-t??? matt and i loved calvin and hobbes as kids. i guess we were a bit older but i was just so amazed. anyways. that's the end of the story. sorry if you were expecting more."

May 2/06 - "imagine it's you: music was cued wrong to start so you walk on and then had to walk off again. that throws you a little off. then the dance begins and all of a sudden it hits you that you're dancing in front of an audience and your throat goes totally dry. like you're in a desert. but the dancing is going okay. THEN halfway through the dance you run off stage to grab your chairs (because there's a part where you use chairs) -- (i know you can't believe you missed this event) and you run out and your chair's not there!!! panic! what to do? what to do? then another girl grabs it from behind another curtain for you and you barely miss a beat...except the chair was turned the wrong way so when you go to open it, you can't get it open. but it gets worked out. now you're totally and completely thrown. you have a very serious look on your face as you concentrate but keep remembering you're supposed to be smiling. pop in the occasional big smile. serious look. smile. serious look. smile. it's coming to an end...big finish...strike pose one: oops, wrong arm. strike pose two: great. and done. run off stage and keep yourself from bursting into tears because you could have done it better but who cares because you're adults."

May 7/06 -

May 13/06 - happy wedding to rachel and dallas!

May 19/06 - "well i'm driving down sumas way towards the sumas border crossing and the truck dies. dead. thankfully i'm not on the highway because i don't have a cel. i coasted to the side of the road and walked into an office building right there and used the phone..." "...but at this moment in time, neither shaun nor i have gotten a hold of tim yet to tell him his birthday news. no vehicles. happy birthday tim!" (on this day in 2007, i'll be writing about alyssa and james' wedding!!!)

May 22/06 - "so i've had an inspirtaion to do a triathlon. crazy goal, i know. BUT...there's a race in Harrison Hot Springs on Aug. 6/06 called "My First Triathlon"."

May 31/06 - "Ode to Matt

There once was a boy named Matt.
When he was little, he wasn't too fat.
But now he's strong
And easy to get along (with)
So sometimes I call him for a chat."

June 6/06 - "in triathalon news: new running shoes: $159
new sporty ROOTS bathing suit: $29.99
no shin splints or tankini riding up: priceless."

June 9/06 - "as i was in the hall afterschool, one of the grade 2 girls comes up to me and says, "i can't wait to be in your class next year for grade 3!" "

June 18/06 - "so there you have it. the confessions of a chick lit reader." (the books that i had pics of from the library on this post, i didn't end up reading. i only read one. since then i have gotten other books from the library and am working on those...though still same genre.)

June 22/06 - "i'm definitely ready for summer and a new school year. they say your first year is your hardest so i'm looking forward to next year. so many things to do differently and new things to try."

June 25/06 -

Ahh...good memories.


rachel s. said...

love, love, LOVE your blog, Bec. I aspire to post as much as you. Thanks for keep us so up to date on your life. Can't wait to hang out with you this weekend!!! YAY!

It probably drives you crazy when people comment as anonymous said...

It is almost like I have been reading your blog right from the beginning, through the good times and the bad, instead of just being the anonymous no-comment reader for the last month and a bit. Thank you for the recap.

joy said...

some good times....

Sarah said...

Hi Rebecca!
I loved your "ode to Matt" song! I sang it in my head to the tune of "ode to Joy!" Poor you at your dance recital!You did a good job keeping your head high and not making it noticable that the chair was gone! You always have to keep smiling if somthing like that happens because the audience doesn't enjoy it as much when the dancers don't smile so way to show them! Wow! you wrote 100 times! High 5!!!!!!!!!!!love Sarah!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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