Saturday, July 01, 2006

leaving on a jet plane

"don't know when i'll be back again..."

umm...actually, i'll be back next monday. today we went to a wedding and it was quite a long day though it was fun. i wore my new GAP strapless dress. but it picks up lint like crazy. i need to get a lint brush.

we're leaving tomorrow morning at 5:45am to go to the airport. it's 11pm now. we're still packing/making lunches for the westjet flight/showering etc. we both have headaches. but here i am POSTING! because could i leave without a few more words?


ang said...

thanks for posting, when really you have more pressing things to do, cause really this is the life of a blogger. Hey if you get on here while in ontario, can you tell me the whereabouts of this kimmy boutique, they weren't picking up the phone today.

rachel s. said...

Bec, thanks for the comment. Thankfully, Dallas and I are not matching anymore - after Christmas (the height of the matchy era), I went longer and he started going a bit shorter. Let's try to keep it that way for awhile?!