Tuesday, July 11, 2006

so i lied

there was not even a post yesterday. it takes forever to up load photos and i was just busy with other stuff. what can i say? ;)

ontario. what a trip. it was great having tim there with me for the first time and actually sitting down with aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and getting to chat it up. tim played a little street hockey and a little NHL 2005 with a couple of the younger cousins too so he was right in there. tim now understands why we sometimes call my mom, Norma, and my dad, Allen, after meeting my grandparents. he's decided that my mom and her three sisters really should go into business together and no matter what it would be, they'd be a force to reckon with. it was a great trip.

at one point, we were sitting in missisauga with my aunt and uncle (amy and steve) and we decided we should make some popcorn. steve asks, "should we make two bags?" and amy answers, "well, if rebecca can eat a whole one herself, we'll obviously need to make two." and steve looks at us and explains, "i wasn't wondering if we should make one or two bags, i was wondering if we should make two or four bags." ahh yes, i love being with family!

and speaking of eating, we ate like kings out there. everyone put on a spread. we ate not only the famous apple pie but also homemade strawberry shortcake ala allen macdonald. tim and i are sure that we've gained some major weight. this morning we got up and went for a run at mill lake. oh man, we're hurting out of shape. triathalon training will be re-starting in full form tomorrow with my first attempt at swimming lengths at the pool.

but at the not so polite request of my cousin joy (haha), here are a few pics. relatives: a kodak gallery photoalbum will be emailed to you shortly. i didn't know who'd be annoyed by having their photos published on here so i didn't put too many on here...hope it's okay. :)

this is the mann home
grandma and grandpa mann out for lunch with us
yes, i took this photo the macdonald homstead
the macdonalds and i at pearce park
the old "H" in the macdonald barn
the main street in dutton (where g&g macdonald live)
my mom's sister janice and her family with jumbo in st. thomas
my cousin joy and her husband jonny in london
university of western ontario, where my parents went to school (and my mom worked there too)
tim and mark playing hockey in kitchener
my mom's other two sisters carolyn and marylou and family out for coffee in kitchener
irony in old mennonite country


Anonymous said...

thank you very much. the pics turned out great....with the exception of me and my really fat arm :(
it was great to see you guys, and we'll swing by your place sometime soon!

joy said...

okay...the above comment was from me...

Anonymous said...

Great job capturing the trip in a few photos. So many special people, so little time. JM

Sarah! said...

Hey Rebecca!
Good luck in your training!Also good luck in your triatholon!