Sunday, July 23, 2006

a wedding of non-dancing

i know if you had seen me at the howie-thorpe wedding two weeks ago, you would not believe that i could go to a wedding and resist dancing all together, however, this is what happened two days ago at our friends trevor and jenna's wedding. all the same hits...from my girl to groove is in the heart to golddigger and permiscuous girl. not one move was made.'s a whole different story when you don't know the girls at a wedding. i knew some boys and i knew the bride and groom but how can i go out and shake it when i'm not sure if i'll be accepted into the circle or not? so overall, it was a good wedding and i chitchatted to the people at our table and met some old highschool friends of tim' was feeling all good. but as the night wore on, i was beginning to feel uncool for not dancing. and if you have at one time felt uncool in a situation, then you will understand what i mean when i say that the longer we sat at our table staring at the dance floor, the more increasingly uncool i felt. i mean, if we'd been having some good laughs and stimulating conversation at our table then, who cares about not dancing, right? but by 10:30pm, six of us at our table were just sitting and staring. staring. now, that is painful. so painful in fact that i was in tears when we finally did leave because i'd felt the desire to leave hours previous to when we did.
so here are some pre-tears photos of a beautiful and fun wedding (until the dancing hit and i was not a part of it) and then some proof from the previous weekend's wedding that i do dance and i am not as uncool as i came off at this past wedding. haha. tim shakes his head at this "uncool" feeling.

And the proof that i was dancing so hard that my hair is actually sweaty on a non-hot evening in these next two pictures at the howie-thorpe wedding (taken by domi and stolen from ang's blog):

(see the boys in the background on this one checking their watches? yeah, we were the last ones there for sure.)

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rachel s. said...

bec! so I'm going to a wedding this weekend where I don't know a lot of people (Dallas' friends mostly, and sort of a group he's not that close to anymore), so I am feeling this same apprehension - will I dance? will there be anyone to dance with? will it be the same without you girls? ahh, the horror of being at a wedding and feeling like I'm not able to break it down. I'll let you know how it goes.