Sunday, July 16, 2006


now contrary to most, i have never been summer's biggest fan. my skin won't tan unless it burns first and then i'm left with a weird birthmark-like tan because the sunscreen hadn't been applied evenly. it's hot and i'm not a fan of sweating. i don't like swimming. i very much dislike wearing shorts with my blindingly white legs. etc. etc.

HOWEVER...i'm enjoying it more this year. maybe this is because i'm a teacher and i have nothing to do all day except find ways to enjoy summer. here are some of my favourite things about summer:

> warm evenings
> extra freckles
> peaches and cream corn on the cob
> watermelon
> cherries
> the pool at the shulbas
> it's light until 10pm
> warm breezes
> the ice cream man
> eating dinner on the deck
> wearing flip flops

ahh... today tim and i spent the day at the shulba pool (see number 6) which was only *gasp* 80 degrees. it was great. i wore my new bathing suit which is perfect for tanning in because it's strapless. tanning will really never be the same anywhere other than pool side because when you get hot, you jump in the pool and you're good to tan for another 25min before you're hot again. especially when there is a breeze. it's fantastic. i read my book: Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress which is very interesting. It's the memoirs of Susie Gilman who is apparently an author of other books but i picked it solely for it's title. tonight, sadly, we will not be partaking in pizza night in WR because we were in WR yesterday night and tim just couldn't work himself up for another drive out there. to console ourselves we have bought corn on the cob and rented Annapolis. it's been a very summery day. sing it: da da da da da, i'm loving it.

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Sarah said...

Hi Rebecca,
I love Swimming! I love Summer!
But you are right! It can get too hot! that's why I like the pool!