Monday, July 17, 2006

i take it back

yesterday's post? okay...i don't take back the whole thing BUT as i'd mentioned in sentence number 2...the weird burn patterns that turn into birthmark-like tans for the rest of summer? last night after all the tanning by the pool, my ankles to knees were still the exact same colour (white) despite having no sunscreen on them and my thighs were burnt. but not just all red. there were weird finger shaped marks of white at the tops of my thighs as though i'd been tanning with my hands there or as though i'd swiped some sunscreen there. but i hadn't!!! now i have "weird burn patterns that will turn into birthmark-like tan for the rest of summer." ahh...some things never change.


rachel s. said...

oh no. curses to the tan lines. great pic though. Google images again? I like the "computer programmer." Had such a great time hanging out with you, Tim, and the parents on Saturday night - they are just too funny.

joy said...

at least you'll have tan matter how weird looking they are!

Sarah said...

Hi rebecca!
Those people have funny tans(HaHa!)

Amy said...

Hi Rebecca: A tip for white-legged people everywhere: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning lotion - natural-looking, not too expensive, easy-to-use (no, I do not work for L'Oreal). (Careful about using on upper body -- can transfer a bit on clothes if it rubs on them). Take it from someone who tries never to let real sunlight touch her skin! Amy (loved the pictures -- gave me my laugh for the morning)