Monday, July 24, 2006

snow in july

yesterday, during the hottest week of my life, tim, his buddy jared and i were driving to crescent beach when we discovered a snowy oasis on the side of the road. yes, snow. apparently there is a movie being filmed out here called "Deck the Halls" and they're filming it on some very hot days. the trees are sprayed with white stuff. there's white cottony batting everywhere. houses have their lawns covered in white plastic sheets. ahhh...the things that look like snow. we actually got out of the car and did the tourists with cameras thing.
the main scene
here's the batting posing as snow.
yeah, these self taken photos aren't always the most flattering...
tim and jared
can you see the "line" where it suddenly becomes winter? crazy!


joy said...

that's crazy! Were there any movie stars around??

ang said...

I drove past late last night, and there were hundreds of extras, the big lights suspended overhead, "the works"
as far as movie stars...there have been several danny dovito sightings on white rock beach, as well as Matthew Brodrick, and apparently SJP was in town a couple weeks ago visiting her husband.
You do feel bad for all of them hanging out in the plastic snow on the hottest day of the year.
I'm glad you got a picture though, what a sight to behold!

Alyssa said...

Yeah I saw that set when I was home a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't that decked out. I want to see the movie just so I can see the snowy scenes and say to myself "It was 30 degrees out that day."

sarah said...

You are so lucky!
I wish there was a movie shooting in mississauga!