Wednesday, July 05, 2006

things i have learned about farming

yes, here i am posting while i'm in ontario. my cousins have internet. it's in the guestroom. how will i get away from this? haha.

i've spent the past three days on the farms. here are some things for you to think about as you drive the paved roads through cities:

> if the corn is "knee high by the first of july" you're going to have a good crop. the corn is already waist high.

> "no till fields" are when farmers choose not to till their fields before planting a new crop which leave brown corn stalks sticking up everywhere in a field of soybeans. apparently, it still works but they won't have the best harvest.

> tobacco fields are decreasing in number in these parts.

> the wheat will be harvested in the next couple weeks.

> the soil around dutton (macdonald's) is more clay-like than around wardsville (mann's).

> while bean and corn fields can be alternated year to year, onion fields need two years of another crop before it's ready for onions again.

> onions need an inch of water a day to grow well.

useless information? i think not. there are some deeper meaning lessons here to be learned i'm sure. i'm still working on those. i wish i could post some pics to go with these facts that i've learned but that will have to wait until monday when i get home.


ang said...

hmmmm, there are lots of things I don't know

Alyssa said...

Who knew onions were so demanding? I love that you're posting from ontario, and when you get home I'll be in town! See you soon.

Laurie Trueman said...

Hey there - glad that you're able to access the Internet while on your trip - I've been checking your Blog everyday, just out of habit, and was pleasantly surprised to see your words of wisdom this morning - so good that you guys have been able to visit your Ontario family - I'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures. See you Saturday.