Saturday, July 15, 2006

circle dancing at it's best

so last night was laura and conor's wedding. what a great time. more circle dancing (see may 13 - rachel and dallas synchyshyn) however, as i even wrote in the blog on may 13, tim's "moves" definitely threw me off last wedding but this time i knew they were coming and i had a lot more fun dancing with him. haha. see...i never want to get on the dance floor even though deep in my heart i love dancing. i'd rather dance around by myself in my house where no one can see me. what was great about last night is A) laura started the dancing with a line dance so the floor is CROWDED with people for this line dance and then when the music changes, we're all already on the floor so we might as well stay. and B) the songs i like to dance to by myself like Groove is in the Heart and Video killed the Radio Star were played last night. awesome. i wore these super heavy earrings (pics to follow) so i think my lobes have stretched a little however only my shoulders and neck are sore from last night whereas everyone else i have talked to have sore feet and legs. i wore flipflops...they were barefoot on concrete. but all in all, beautiful wedding. i have a few pics of the ceremony and such but my batteries ran out so photo taking was cut short. i know ang or rach have lots so i'm hoping to steal some of theirs. yay for conor and laura being married!

in triathalon news, (i'm sure some of you have been wondering) i'm finding the transition from biking to running to really be hard. my legs are a little jelly like when i get off the bike and i really don't want to run but i force myself to and then i end up having to stop only ten minutes in or so. definitely something that i'm working on. i'm really counting on adrenaline and the motivation of other people running past me to keep me going on race day. i remember when i did the sun run (10km run) with no training when i was in university and i only stopped running once to stretch a little. that's amazing considering the not so great shape i was in so i feel like 5km? no problem on race day. any other day? not so great. haha. the real crazy part is going to be the swimming portion. due to city of abbotsford on strike, not only is there no garbage pick up, there is also no rec centre open for me to use the pool!!! what? so i have not done one practice swim yet. oh dear. next week i'm going to have to start heading to langley or WR for their pools because swimming is most definitely my weakest area.

speaking of swimming, i bought a new bathing suit on saturday. yes, another one. see...the sporty black bathing suit just isn't the thing to be wearing all the time, right? and my last bathing suit was a black tankini that was accidently washed and dried and shrunk a little. not to the point of not able to wear but to the point of "hmm...that suit looks a little tight on rebecca. is she gaining weight?". not a great look. bathing suit time. unfourunately for tim, the cheap bathing suits were just not fitting great so i hit up the horrendously expensive bathing suits on marine drive WR. yes, it was expensive, but it's the first bathing suit that i have owned that is not black since i was in grade 9. (uhh...wait, i've only owned two bathing suits since i was in grade 9) and this tankini fits nicely. yes, i know. this is very exciting news for you all.


Kara said...

Way to go with the triathalon training! You should definitely come out to Langley next week and I'll swim with you...
Call me :)

Sarah said...

Hi Rebecca!
Keep us posted on the triatholon traing!
Sounds like you had fun at the wedding!
p.s.I know this isn't as long as last time but I don't have as much to say!

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