Monday, January 22, 2007

dodge ball

yes, my students love this game. when it's games day (once a week in PE), there's no doubt that the student in charge of Parks and Rec that week will choose it. so today it was played in PE as usual. i have one student who figured out that "hey, if the ball hits you above the waist, it doesn't count so..." he started bending over and letting the ball hit him in the head whenever it was thrown at him. it was actually pretty hilarious. oh kids.


therachel said...

points for creativity, that's for sure. Oh kids and their concrete thinking. Anyhow...if you would like to know, my strategy in dogeball always consisted of just watching who was throwing from the other side, and dogdging, as opposed to getting caught up in being defensive and throwing balls back. This only worked to a certain point, of course. Ha.

ang said...

kwantlen has drop-in dodge ball on Wednesday at 11. It's a big "hit" on campus! You would have to pay me to play with those Kwantlen keens.