Friday, January 05, 2007


this concept of "new years resolutions" is an interesting one. i've always liked it - feeling that the new year is a good time to make some new plans and new goals for yourself. but when i was standing in line at save-on numerous times this week, looking at the front of magazines, i'd have to say that the majority of them had something to do with losing weight. and really, my main new years resolution is along the same lines -- get in shape, lose weight, eat better etc etc.

i guess after all the christmas baking that we eat in december, it's only enevitable that we're sick of ourselves. or is that just me? haha.

there was this ad on the radio in december about how to "eat guilt free this christmas season!" what was it? it was to eat all you want (they honestly said that) and then hire this personal trainer who will come to your house on your schedule in the new year. whaaat? what kind of a plan is that?

once when i was a kid, my nikkel cousins were in town over the end of december i guess and my cousin rachel and i sat down to write our new years resolutions. she explained to me that new years resolutions can be anything that you'd like to do in that next year -- i remember writing, "buy glasses that have just glass in them". hmm...

but on that note, here are some of my resolutions for 2007:

> eat my full 5-8 servings of vegetables everyday
> follow my Shape mag workout plan 3 times a week
> park far away from stores so that i have to walk farther to get to the door
> stop drinking coffee at work
> learn to play the guitar (since we have one now)
> drink 2.5 - 3 nalgenes of water a day
> keep in touch with my grandparents
> begin buying caffeine-free diet coke
> plan more fieldtrips with my class
> read something other than chick-lit
> buy "little miss sunshine" on dvd
> quit grumbling about going to hip hop on mondays
> get to the maritimes this summer
> see what bangs look like on me again
> trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding (prov.3:5)

there you have it. maybe i'll post a resolution update in a couple months and see if i can keep these up.

what are your resolutions?


chicagobell said...

hey, sounds like you might be busy this year. i have some resolutions that fall along the same lines...
> make it to the gym at least 4-5 times a week.
> try not to snack any later than 7:30 pm
> take my dogs for walks
> run the chicago half marathon this summer
> try to stress less
> say a prayer everyday for someone i don't particularly get along with

hopefully i can keep those... we'll see. good luck with your resolutions!!

ang said...

bec, these are extremely ambitious resolutions! I am not so optimistic about myself, but I admire your fevor. Maybe I'll just do the drinking water one.

Rachel said...

the Christmas baking story - so true. This year I'd like to:

>eat more vegetables and less bread/rice/cookies (cookies are in the bread food group, right? They're made of flour)
>go on more walks with my husband... or do my walk aerobics video when he's busy - one way or another get active again.
>fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans using the above methods
>paint my living room (thinking an earthy green or tan)
>hold my baby as often as possible
>start writing again

liz said...

this year i am not going to ride an giraffes.

Alyssa said...

I only have on resolution... and you are the inspiration for it! I'm going to do the My First Triathlon this summer... I started training today but we'll see how that goes:)

Anonymous said...

My resolution is to read your blog more often... light but filling and calorie free.