Monday, January 01, 2007

the most exciting thing ever

i used the above phrase when talking to rachel this afternoon...that "the most exciting thing ever had happened!" she said, "you're pregnant?" i said, "i got my computer to upload music to my ipod!" maybe it's not the most exciting this ever but i'm pretty pumped about it. i've spent the past evening/day putting cds into the computer and transferring them to itunes. sweet!

and now...what you're all waiting for...Soundtrack to my Life (this is when you press shuffle in your music library and write down the songs in cheating)

opening credits: hand in my pocket - alanis (hey! i love this song!)

Waking up: dead in the water - david gray (that's exactly how tim would describe me)

First day at school: when the stars go blue - ryan adams

Falling in love: rosebud - ryan adams and the cardinals

Breaking up: black horse and the cherry tree - kt tunstall (this must be a metaphor)

Prom: let's hear it for the boy - footloose soundtrack

Life's okay: raven - dave matthews band

Mental Break down: firecracker - ryan adams

Driving: turn this car around - tom petty (ok...i skipped over a "track 3" song to use this one for this category. how perfect hey? and who wants track 3 to be their driving song?)

Flashback: December - david gray

Getting back together: damaged by love - tom petty ( this doesn't sound like the best "getting back together" song...)

Wedding: same in any language - ruckus from elizabeth town soundtrack II

Birth of child: blue eyes - cary brothers

Final battle: sexy plexi - jack johnson (maybe my final battle is against...umm...i'm not sure how to make this one work...)

Death scene: absolutely zero - jason mraz

Funeral song: rescue blues - ryan adams (blues i guess because i wasn't rescued?)

End Credits: i just don't think i'll ever get over you - colin hay

okay...the closing credits song makes this the best soundtrack ever...the rest were okay. i'm a little disappointed in how many ryan adams songs there were considering i only have 2 r.a. cds downloaded. 4 songs? weird. you know.

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sandeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

the fact that I am even on this site is a MIRACLE - remember I am TECHNOLOGICALLY challenged....I have missed you - how was your should see how my kids download, upload and makes me feel like an idiot.....funny thing, I had a David Gray CD in my hand this week - is he good?