Friday, January 12, 2007

an update...

there was about an hour of wet snow this past tuesday before it turned to powder in the cold temperatures and wind...that's all the time they needed to make this giant snowball. it will definitely be around for awhile.

in resolution news, i have had some difficulty drinking my 3 nalgenes a day so far. i usually get only about 2 done. maybe my new years resolution will be to drink TWO nalgenes a day. ha. i lose my bottle around the school everyday then have kids bringing it me, saying, "you left this in the computer lab. you left this in the gym. you left this in the gr.5/6/7 class." i need a belt to clip it onto. wouldn't that be a hot look?

also, in hearing about alyssa's exciting first triathlon news, i've decided that i'm going to attempt my second triathlon this summer. i've already signed up for adult swimming lessons for myself this may. yep, getting all planned out. i can surely do better than i did last year considering i barely could swim and i walked most of the run. haha.

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