Sunday, January 28, 2007

i love to snack

this is what makes eating well so very difficult. i could be quite full but still want to snack on something. if you know my pain, here are some new snacking ideas for you.

> frozen peas -- they're small, you can eat lots of them and feel good about yourself for eating vegetables, and because they're frozen, they're almost like candy...but not.

> cucumber. if you buy a couple cucumbers and cut them all up right away and put them in a tupperware in your fridge, you can pull them out and eat as much as you want because they have close to no claories. however - also close to no nutritional value. but that's not the point here.

> smart pop popcorn - 100 cal. bags. i tend to eat the entire bag of popcorn no matter how large it is so these not only are great tasting for being healthy but they limit your intake.

> thaw some frozen berries and put them in non-fat no sugar added vanilla yogurt. i have been using raspberries and it's almost dessert-like.

> chocolate frozen yogurt. tim and i are big ice cream eaters. tim's anti-frozen yogurt but i found this brand at superstore called chapman's. the dutch chocolate? we won't be going back to ice cream.

> veggie burger -- a pattie can be microwaved and if you eat it knowing that it doesn't taste like meat, it's not bad. it also fills you up with protein.

> nabisco 100 cal. cookie packs. at first i refused to buy these but actually, each pack has quite a few cookies in them and at recess in the staff room when someone brings in cake or cookies - it's nice to not feel deprived by eating these instead of those.

> wholewheat eggos. for breakfast lately i've been having a wholewheat eggo with some more thawed frozen fruit on top. no syrup. it's really great. it would actually probably be good with yogurt too.

> kitkat and aero have put out "singles". pay 3 bucks for a box of individually wrapped kitkat pieces or just buy a bar for $1 and eat one piece? i will most definitely never eat just one piece of a kitkat so i am loving these singles despite the price. i think these are a little longer than the bars. there's also dark chocolate in both aero and kitkat. when you're craving - these are a great substitute. you just have to eat them really slow.

so snack away.


therachel said...

I don't even know how to respond - sounds like you've gotten this snacking thing down pat. Miss you!

Kara :) said...

Okay, so pretty much all the snacks look pretty decent- not great... but, a veggie burger? As a snack? I don't know about that one! Hmmm... Is snacking really worth it if you have to resort to veggie burgers?