Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the first annual fondue party

dear alyssa, james, ang, domi, liz, darian, lynn and adam:

we missed you all very much tonight at the fondue party. we had enough food to feed you all. i hope you can come next year...or maybe the next time you're in town we'll just have fondue because it's a way of eating sugar and fruit that people just don't do enough. if i knew how, i'd photoshop you into these photos.

happy birthday liz!

love from, bec


Sharelle said...

no - i did not come home to post on my blog.although matt having to work, did present a good oppurtunity. haha.
i do plan on stealing these photos this minute. but certainly not the one of me and dallas, in which i most definitly look pregnant. yikers. do a little delete if you can. haha.
Thank you for the fondue party, it was a wonderful time. I am so glad we found you...haha.

Sharelle said...

i said haha in that post 3 times. i really wanted to make that point.

liz said...

booerns...sad to have missed out. looks like everyone had a goodtime. maybe next year we can move the date? it's a tradition for us to be with the one who gave birth to us on our birthdays. i haven't seen some of you in so long, so i'm definetly grieving my own absence.

liz said...

ps. thanks for buying bec a camera tim, it's so nice to have pics again!