Monday, January 01, 2007

macdonald christmas - dec. 25

we like to try things on immediately - umm...not necessarily the way they are intended...
this is a tree skirt (which my mom loved by the way...for the tree...not herself)
thanks janice! perfect size.
judy thought this baby blue neckwarmer/headwarmer would be perfect for matt on the construction site. haha.

matt loved this distance finder thing for golf. he measured distances around the house all day.

carolyn -- i told matt to take a picture of me with my popcorn bowl. this is what he took. he obviously missed the concept of what i was doing. that popcorn you sent though? oh was SO buttery and i ate all three bags myself over the past week. it was a fantastic treat from my "light" popcorn that i force myself to eat instead. thank you!


Domi said...

I like your mom's poncho

Sharelle said...

please wear that poncho as a sweater to my party next year.
or even better, make tim...