Tuesday, January 30, 2007


after all the dark mornings driving to work before the sun's up and all the dark afternoons driving home after the sun's set...this week has been beautiful. it was very david gray's cover of a new day at midnight. tomorrow morning i'm not driving --sally is, so i'll take my camera and see if i can get a nice shot. it won't be done justice i'm sure.

here's a haiku inspired by my drive to school this morning:

sun behind mountains
it cannot hide daybreak
light pouring out

okay, i'm a little rusty.

man, i'm sick. i have a wicked cold. not just stuffed up but also runny nose. man, runny noses are terrible. if you don't have a kleenex handy at all times? things could get ugly. do you remember being a kid (or maybe more recently?) when you had a cold, you sneezed with no kleenex and a ton of snot came out accidently? oh, the horror as you asked the teacher if you can go to the bathroom with your hand up to your face holding a handful. can you tell this happened to me? haha. this is how i knew how one of my kids felt today when it happened to her. aww. colds in classrooms - if one has it, we all will soon.

here's a haiku inspired by the student who was embarressed by her cold today:

my nose is itching
i can run for a kleenex
ah choo! too late. eww...

(yep, count the syllables: 5 7 5)


therachel said...

yes, the sun is glorious! Hard to believe it is almost February, non? It doesn't get dark until after 5pm here in e-town. Lovin this.

Sharelle said...

i am sooo pleased to see a post involving poetry, but i am going to go all english teacher on you here and say that although the first haiku was beautiful (and it really was, i read it like 3 times)...it wasnt a haiku.
"light pouring out" - thats 4 syllables i hate to say.
but take heart - the only reason i noticed was because i read it so many times out of love...
i noticed the same thing today driving home, it brought joy to my heart. thanks for the post...

liz said...

who doesn't love a haiku and some sunshine...keep up that great bloggin bec!

liz said...

hey i cc'd you on ctimmers email. it was hilarious. smell ya later