Friday, January 26, 2007

if you were a bad guy...

and trying to break into our house by looking in the backyard for a key...where would you look first? here are the options:

> on top of the light fixture
> under the mat in front of the door
> under the bbq somewhere
> under the pile of cement bricks under the porch
> under the large rock in the dirt by the fence
> under the steps in one of those magnetic key holder things

tim and i were going to do this but everywhere tim thought of, i said was too easy and everywhere i thought of, tim said was too easy. so prove tim wrong by telling me where you'd look. ha.

in school news, we spent some time on the bus today traveling to and from chilliwack to go skating. here's a joke one of my grade 2s told me:

"where do fair people who are always fair like to go?" "the fair." when i asked her if she made that up herself, she asked, "how did you know?"


Conor said...

Bec does this have anything to do with the "til death" episode about being right? Those would all be good places, but I'd personally put it in a bird house, or break a window.

Bec Shulba said...

a conor comment? this is great! if you were the bad guy you'd put it in a bird house? sneaky. we do actually have a bird house that i'm pretty sure is vacant.

Katie said...

Under the rock by the fence is a great place. Maybe that's because I've done that before. Seems to work well. I'm sure wherever you put it nobody will find it, then you can prove your husband wrong! After all, isn't that what it's all about?

Jamie said...

If I was a bad guy, why am I looking for a key in the first place? Wouldn't I just break in?


therachel said...

look at all these commenters - love to see you all contributing!

Alyssa said...

I'm with Jamie.. real bad guys just break windows. But if I was breaking into your house, I probably check the mat, the light, and anywhere close to the door. I'm a lazy burglar.