Sunday, January 07, 2007

my attempt at "hometown 6"

perhaps one or two of you remember my attempt at "hometown 6" way back this past spring.

let me re-explain:

last year, i was reading my cousin rachel's blog and she had posted these 6 pictures that she entitled "hometown 6". i thought they were interesting despite not understanding why they were posted. HOWEVER, i eventually found the inspiration to rachel's hometown 6 photos. her friend was doing a year-long blogging project (yes, it's true) where each month of 2006 on the 6th, she gives 6 categories to inspire photos of your hometown. it's quite an interesting project. for example, january's 6 were 6 signs of your hometown or area's name. well...i think this is a great idea. so last year i tried it out once and then she didn't continue her project. the hometown 6 project fizzled out. hopefully michelle will be feel flattered and not completely annoyed if i attempt to totally copy her as closely as possible and introduce you to my own year-long blogging project. i just love the concept so much. drum roll please...

hometown 7

like i have implied in the above explanation, every month of 2007, you can check here on the 7th for your challenge. your challenge will involve you introducing us to your hometown through photos. each month will have a theme of 7 things that you will need to photograph in your hometown.

for this project to be truly successful, it would require some participants. you can participate for all 12 months, however, if you would like to participate on a month-to-month basis, that would be great too. not everyone has the time or energy to, as my dad put it, "drive around looking for things to take pictures of". i personally think this could be great fun.

so check out this blog on the 7th for your challenge and then you have about a month to complete your photo montage. post it on your blog OR if you don't have a blog but would like to participate (ontario-ites...), email me with your pics and i'll post them. let me know you've participated and i'll post an entry each month of all the participants links.

wouldn't this be cool if there were pics of hometowns from all over? not just the lower mainland? so encourage your blogging friends and tell them to participate. i know some of sharelle's artsy friends would love this. and maybe photographers domi and james would too. spread the word about hometown 7 (umm...and give the credit to michelle)

here's January's SEVEN theme: where do you live?

> find SEVEN signs in your town that tell us where you live. this could be the "welcome to..." sign, or a combination of signs that say your town, district, province, country...i don't know - be creative.

go to it camera fiends! let me know in the comments if you plan on participating. (yes, even those of you without a blog)


Judy said...

OK... count me in on the Hometown7 if I can claim "White Rock"... I know we live four blocks from the 'townline', but its so much smaller and quainter than Surrey.. AND I don't mind driving around taking photos even though Jamie thinks no one wants to do that :)

Bec Shulba said...

aww...thanks mom.