Friday, February 08, 2008

for the lurkers

the guru took a couple days to get back to me which made me nervous but then he said that unless the salmon are eating (which they're not yet), the ammonia levels probably aren't that high. keep cleaning the tank. don't disturb the rocks where they're hiding. all seems to be clear on the salmon front.

a appreciate the delurking. i encourage more of you to do the same. :)

so i got a webcam set up if you want to look at our tank:


therachel said...

thank goodness the guru got back to you. however, we may have to question his "guru" status with the delay in his response time. There should be some sort of salmon "red phone" - a direct line to the guru. I would recommend that in your next conversation with him.

I knew you were more than capable of handling the salmon. GO MRS.SHULBA!

Ashlee said...

i love the idea of the salmon "red phone" but call it the salmon bat sounds cooler :)

Ang said...

Oh my goodness the webcam was no joke. There is actually a cam for me to watch fish.
Thanks Bec!