Monday, February 18, 2008

the views of science fair

i've been avoiding posting about science fair over the past two weeks despite it being all consuming. it's what i think about most everyday lately. that's bad - i know. maybe you remember science fair as being a project that you did at home with your parents and then brought to school on science fair day. i remember designing my brother's entire display board about hummingbirds myself with not a second thought about whether he should be doing it himself. but in my classroom, most of the project has been done at school. now i won't go into detail here because i could really go crazy just thinking about it. however, today as i kept kids inside at lunch time to finish their display boards, i overheard this conversation between two boys that i have been "pulling teeth" to get them to research and put together their projects.

boy #1: this is great. i wish we could do this all the time.

boy#2: not me.

boy #1: really? why not?

boy #2: it's tiring.

oh - if only he knew how truly tiring it is. only one more day til science fair.


Ashlee said...

what's happening with the salmon?

therachel said...

i would also like to know what's happening with the salmon...and I also remember the heartwarming story about science fair last year, what was that big winner about...beavers?

Matt said...

just wanted to add how great that hummingbird poster was. Its why I am where I am today