Monday, February 25, 2008

photo day

classroom photos were today. i'm wearing old brown pants, a non matching dark gray t-shirt and a navy hooded sweater. i didn't wash my hair this morning and i'm not wearing the slightest bit of makeup. it's monday. my dress up day is wednesday. there should be a sunday night reminder call about photos. i totally forgot. and i'm pretty sure last year i didn't look great either. shoot. (in regards to the above photo though, is the kid in the center with the blue shirt the teacher? i guess they didn't worry about size when holding kids back in those days.)


therachel said...

i feel like maybe this is a pic where the teacher wasn't included? I don't think it's the kid in the middle.

judymacd said...

ok.. you got me with this pic... I was busily looking for a familiar face with old brown pants on.. with a non-matching dark gray t-shirt and no makeup.. thought I found her and then I put my glasses on ;)