Saturday, February 09, 2008

i got the remote

one thing i dislike about the gym i'm at is the tvs. there's no sound and the remote sits around and it gets picked up by unthoughtful people who change the channels mid-show or have the same thing on side by side tvs. i've blogged about the tvs before and have thought about blogging about the tvs many more times.

on friday, i finally got the remote.

i was on the treadmill next to a guy who had the remote. when his run ended, he walked away and i grabbed the remote out of the little bottle holders and i was so pleased with myself. now i could watch whatever i wanted. hoping for great things, i pointed the remote at the tv and found channel 2 and watched the listings go by. hmm...nothing good was on. i just wanted an episode of what not to wear or something. and i even would have settled for friends. but no. so i flipped the channel to oprah. but then i looked over and oprah was on two tvs side by side all of a sudden. i thought to myself, "that's weird that someone behind me just changed to this channel too. i'll change mine to something else so that i have two options to watch." but as i pressed the numbers on the remote, i realized that my remote changed more than one tv. which must be why you can only ever see one remote around. it must change them all! so i aimed the remote a little better and got two different things on tv. but they were an uninteresting oprah and tyra. lame. but oh well, i put the remote in my bottle holder and kept jogging.

a couple minutes later, a familiar face comes walking by and goes on a nearby treadmill. it was the guy who called me a cheater. he's on the treadmill in front of the tyra tv. all of a sudden, i didn't want to have the remote anymore. then another guy came and got on the treadmill next to me. i debated whether i should give him the remote so that he could change the channel to something he wanted to watch. then he and buddy start chatting and i start worrying that maybe they're going to make a joke about having two talk shows on. do i give the remote away? are they thinking, "why does this girl have such crappy channels on?"

finally the pressure was too much. i pressed STOP on the treadmill and ended my workout 10 minutes early. i couldn't take it. the responsibility was too great.

and now i will never hope to have the remote again.


Katie Marie said...

HA HA HA! I really enjoyed this blog, Bec! So FUNNY! I laughed so hard as I read it. Thank you for providing my entertainment!

therachel said...

i also laughed aloud as I read this. you are my hero(ine), bec!