Tuesday, February 26, 2008

snapshots from winners

instead of going to the gym tonight - i went to winners.

in the dressing room, i looked at the tag of one of the shirts i'd brought in and saw the tag that read "trendyland" and chose not even to try it on because i cannot bring myself to own something from trendyland.

at one point, i was trying on a hoody at the racks of clothes instead of taking it to the dressing room and when i put it on, the hood was covering my face. i have it on backwards. when i removed it, there was a girl smiling at me.

i really want a new hoody but winners only ever has roxy ones which are cute but i'm thinking maybe 25 should bring me a new brand of hoody. i resisted the turquoise ones.

if you've ever shopped with me at winners, you know how i like to hold up hideous things and make jokes about them. it's a good thing you weren't there today because i found something that i would have made a joke about but then looked over and it was in the arms of the person next to me. phew. that was close.

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therachel said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh to live closer to you and make jokes at Winners. I love that you let us know that you skipped the gym to hit up Winners. I've realized that the best day to go is Wednesday or Thursday, as I've heard they get all their new stuff in on those days. And, the store is clean and tidy!

I'm trying to think of where would be a more suitable place to purchase hoodies now that you're 25...and now that I'm also 25, I feel like I should really get on this. Let me know if you come up with anything.

Definitely a close call with making that joke last night...