Friday, February 01, 2008


so after a crazy wednesday night (see the last post), needless to say i wasn't feeling so hot on thursday morning. on thursday around recess, i started feeling sweaty but cold. i had a headache. but that must be from my crazy workout, right? at 11:30am, one of my students said he wasn't feeling well and he lay down on the sick cot and slept until 2:40pm. i knew how he felt. terrible.

but do you ever get sick and think, "maybe i'm not really sick. i'm just making these symptoms out to be something bigger than they are."? i got home from work on thursday afternoon and looked through my cupboard for some medicine. there on the benylin bottle it listed all 6 of my symptoms: headache, stuffy nose, sore throat, dry cough, chills. so there - it must be true. i'm sick. but it's okay because here i have a bottle of something to cure me. i check the expiration date: oct 07. shoot. i took it anyways. and actually, i started feeling better. better enough to think that maybe i wasn't sick. what a strange thought process.

then i spent a sweaty, freezing, sleepless night in my bed and felt justified in the morning for calling in sick. i went back to bed and slept til 12:30pm. my symptoms have changed, but these new ones are still listed on the bottle: sore throat, chest congestion. and i continue to take my expired benylin every 6 hours as instructed.

maybe i should take a drive to the drugstore and buy something more up to date. :)


Ashlee said...

EEWWW...expired cough medicine!!! (i have a thing about expired foods/medicine so to me that would be something i'd be forced to take if i was on fear factor.)i'm almost sick just thinking about it :)

therachel said...

don't worry yourself too much about the expired cough medicine. i think the expiry more refers to the active life of the medicinal ingredients. it's not going to hurt you.

i've been sick the last couple of days too, but Cold FX has done the trick. I did stay home and sleep and wondered the same things as you - "am I really sick or am I sort of just imagining this?" Funny. Maybe this is another reason why we're friends.

I think you're great, and hope this weekend provides time for much rest and relaxation for you.

therachel said...

is it sad that I miss when you don't post daily?

Katie Marie said...

Oh, Bec! I hope you are feeling better soon! I know how it feels to be sick. I`m thinking of you, and thank you SO MUCH for your message on my blog! My wrist is doing much better! I`m really looking forward to getting something from you in China - or was it Japan? Thank you so much! Take care! I`m off to the Japanese bath house after I finish my laundry! YAY! Love, Katie