Tuesday, February 12, 2008

rebecca sews: research

some quotes from a new found blog...and only interesting if you are interested in sewing.

"...And another thing: how do you deal with frustration and failure? Because learning to sew, at least at first, will add heaping doses of both into your life, I'm sorry to say. If frustration makes you crazy-angry, with bouts of throwing things and/or screaming, try to sew when your family/roommate/pet parakeets are elsewhere. Take lots of deep breaths. One deep breath for each stitch ripped out is a pretty good ratio. If "failing" at something makes you want to sleep for a week (and either stop eating altogether or mainline Ben & Jerry's): redefine 'failure'. You didn't fail to make a skirt, you succeeded in learning how NOT to make a skirt! Go into every project, at least for the first few projects, with the goal of learning, and not with the goal of making something couture-level. Define success generously. If you got the machine threaded right, didn't sew through your finger, and the two pieces of fabric join up more or less evenly? You won. Do a victory lap." - http://www.dressaday.com/dressaday.html (feb. 5)

this post made me feel better. and very glad that i am not learning from a book. if you live in edmonton and want to learn to sew, i recommend my cousin rachel who is a fabulous artist in more ways than just sewing but as of feb.11, she has started offering sewing lessons for a steal! working one on one is the best way to learn (in my [and rachel's] opinions, of course).

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therachel said...

definitely some encouraging words...I like the "Redefining failure" concept...I think many of us could use this in other areas of life!

PS - what is an "openID?" I'm confused by this change to the comment section of the blog.