Monday, February 18, 2008

welcome good weather

and saturday, the good weather began so we went for a walk.

dusk begins.


therachel said...

yay for posts! yay for good weather! It has warmed up considerably here in Edmonton, and I have gone on walks for the last 2 days b/c I couldn't resist. The only thing that is tricky about this is that I'm walking in a residential area, and some folks don't seem to have gotten their sidewalks shoveled. This is fine when it's cold, not so good when the temps hover around zero. Have almost slipped a few times.

Anyhow...thanks again for posting. You are the best blogger I know.

Sharelle said...

i just took some shots like this as well.

sometimes i find it striking just how beautiful our "hometown" really is. i feel like we should notice that more. thanks for the pics....