Monday, February 25, 2008

ode to google reader

liz introduced me to google reader awhile back and it really is the best. i used to have all the blogs that i knew on my favourites and one by one i would go through each blog to check up. at the 10th blog, you'd be frustrated that no one was posting, right? (it's not just me that does this right?) so google reader takes away that frustration. you "subscribe" to all the blogs you want to read by typing in their addresses and then whenever you log into google reader, it tells you which ones have new things to read. i recommend it if you have a list of blogs that you read.


therachel said...

I need to do this, hey? It would save me lots of time. You are a great resource. Where are the pics of you wearing the yoga pants?

Bec Shulba said...

they look better in real life than in pics.

therachel said...

ohhh...alright. i guess i'll just have to fly out to BC for a viewing then, hey?