Thursday, July 03, 2008

boo tabitha and napoleon

they bring nothing to the judging panel. boo.

though, speaking of judges and booing, did you not love nigel's angry speech to the audience about booing? "if you don't like that we're critiquing, you can go home."

i think everyone's improving. but there are just some bottom feeders that can't get up in the world of SYTYCD, you know? like it doesn't matter how great a fox trot comfort and buddy do - they're going to be in the bottom 3. and matt and kourtni - sure, their hiphop was slammed a little by the judges but i thought matt was doing so much better. but i think they'll still be in the bottom. if he's in the bottom 3 tonight i think he'll be going because how many times can you give the same critique to a guy (your upper body is a little stiff)? if he doesn't change, he's gotta go. and that jessica - she's too sensitive so we all feel bad when they critique but that's what they're there to do! we can't be feeling so bad for her (or is it just me feeling badly?).

oh mia michaels. i know they praise and praise and everyone gushes over her so that you're sick of it...BUT SHE'S SO GOOD! wow - both those numbers last night were awesome. i especially loved joshua and katee's. great song choice too. and for a slower moving song to be choreographed so fast. augh! i love it!

but predictions for the bottom 3?...kourtni and matt, comfort and that guy, and...umm...courtney and gev? i called them last week and they weren't. i thought their hiphop was FANTASTIC. sure, it wasn't down and hard hitting but it was fun and they seemed to have fun and courtney rocked it. i hope they're not in the bottom. maybe will and jessica again? hmm...i think matt and kourtni are both out this week.


Laura said...

Wow, your whole blog was pretty much my exact thoughts. We're really going to have to watch it together:) I LOVE Katee and Josh, they're so great and so humble. Kourtny and Matt will be out for sure and comfort and Thane, and then Jessica and Gev will also eventually be gone... Top 4: Katte, Josh, Kherington and Twitch, just can't beat them...

judymacd said...

If Nigel ever gets ahold of this blog, you'll be on the next panel for sure! Way to call the play... you were bang on!

Becky said...

I agree completely Bec! And good job on calling who would be eliminated. Except that I am totally ready to see Thayne go. He just annoys me like no other and does anyone else think that he looks like Benji?

I have to say that my favourites are still Chelsie and Mark...but I do love Katee & Joshua, Twitch & Kherington as well.

Its really too bad that you, Rachel and I don't all live in the same place.

Bec Shulba said...

becky - i TOTALLY think that thayne (man, i couldn't remember his name in this post!) looks like benji! he has potential to annoy him but i'm not annoyed BECAUSE he looks so much like benji - i keep thinking, "i should give this guy a chance - maybe he'll be the next benji."

therachel said...

thayne's smile just creeps me out. it's just weird.