Wednesday, July 09, 2008

the loving and hating

well. what craziness. what stood out? nothing. is it because they're all so good? or all not that great? hmm...

i could not believe the judges' comments on the twitch and kherington crump. "you lost it at the end but i'm going to ignore that." "you got tired and lost your facial expressions in the ending of the dance but let's not talk about that." WHAAAAT? if this was comfort, they'd ONLY comment on that. sure, i love love loved the dance too and thought they brought it but these are the judges. quit loving on your favs.

and then comfort and thayne. harsh. okay, we've all come to the conclusion that they're not the best on the show. and if they nailed their dances tonight? they'd still be bottom three tomorrow. so why are we hating on them? their hiphop was great - thayne did way better than i expected. quit hating on your least favs.

and mia - telling gev and courtney that "you're not the best dancers here" is a little much. every week they are better and better. and don't you just want gev and courtney to get together in the end? gev LOVES her! and they're so cute and small together. we laugh at the thought of courtney's boyfriend every week. but did anyone else think that courtney was a little overtanned tonight? it was a little weirdly orange.

so i hate to love the favourites. but i do this season. but the favourite category is getting bigger and in my mind extends to chelsea&mark and courtney&gev as WELL as twitch, kherington, joshua, and katee. and what does this mean? someone who is our favourites will be in the bottom three. so will, jessica, comfort, thayne, ________ & ________? hmm...i guess i'll predict: courtney and gev. sigh.


Laura said...

So we really need to watch this together because as i read your post, i'm saying to myself, "that's exactly what i was thinking!" They TOTALLY showed favoritism tonight. They love kherington and twitch and if it had been any other couple they'd TOTALLY point out the bad stuff. I'm definately with you in the loving courtney and gev, and chelsea and marc more. I don't know who else will go besides the people you mentioned. And then i wonder, what will it be like when they switch partners, is there a new chemistry of some that we have not yet seen??? This is the beauty of the show. I also thought the last 2 weeks have been a little lacking. The only ones that really stood out for me was courtney and gev's safari dance, katee and josh's bollywood (which at first i was like bollywood??) and chelsea and marks "I'm a woman," dance...I was definately disappointed with Kherington and twitch tonight, but hey, everyone has an off week.

So Tacoma SEpt. 20th, it's a saturday,...want to go???

therachel said...

I know, I kind of wanted to smack Mia when she said that to Courtney and Gev. Me and my friends in Edmonton also had a chuckle about Courtney's bf last night, as Gev is clearly a smitten kitten when it comes to Ms. C.

Thayne's smile still creeps me out, but I get the favouritism/hating part of last night - it was blatant.

I can't even handle that SYTYCD is coming back to WA for the tour. I wish wish wish I was closer. Boo.