Friday, July 18, 2008

tripping shulbas...

the time has come: we are leaving for the east coast in t-minus 6 hours. we've been talking about this trip since we got married and it just never happened so here we are finally making it happen! woohoo!

flying into halifax for 2 nights, driving to PEI for 3 nights, up to cape breton for 2 and then taking the ridiculously expensive/long ferry to newfoundland only to spend our 4 nights on the westside only because who knew the OTHER ferry to st. johns was 14 hrs and $ makes our 7 hour, less expensive ferry ride look short and cheap. oh yes - it's a long story that came to a head today...the day before we leave. i'll tell you about it later. when i talk to you. but did you realize how BIG newfoundland is? bigger than it looks on the map of canada. :)

but anyways - we're pumped. we're packed. we're re-watching SYTYCD at 11:15pm the night before we go.

"i never sleep well before a trip." - tim

maritimes, here we come!


Ang said...

Have fun!

Laura said...

Take a picture of Anne's house for me. I hope you got the book:)

therachel said...

how did i miss this post? darn google reader.