Friday, July 25, 2008

Travel Saga: Map reading

i’m the navigator. if you know me, you know that this is laughable. to have two people roadtripping with the lack of direction sense that we have? It means there are a lot of u-turns.
we have these touristy maps from the various visitor centres that just have the main roads on them. but the maps have “highway” numbers on them and the actual roads in PEI have road names. ( and on) it doesn’t help. we’ve taken the long way many many times on this trip.

since tim sees his job as being the driver, he’s not even looking at the signs. so if I look away from the edge of the road for a second and miss a sign, I say, “what did that sign say to get to wherever?” and he says, “what sign?” i’m trying to start warning tim long ahead of time – “we’re looking for ______, it’ll say hwy 4 west or this town”…we’re getting better. by the time we hit newfoundland, we’ll be pros but there will only be one main road!

tim would like me to add that the times that we have gotten lost, he’s been very patient and calm. I figured you already knew that – it’s why we got married.


therachel said...

Tim - thanks for being so supportive of Rebecca. We appreciate you!

judymacd said...

oh man.. we went out with friends and they had this amazing GPS in their car.. it knew everything from here to Abbotsford (and beyond.. we just didn't go beyond Abbotsford!) It has settings for convenience stores, hospitals, and it tells you exactly the route to take -- verbally (in 250m turn left on Maclure). I know all the new, expensive cars have it, but it was pretty novel for us. As they were showing us the tricks, I was thinking of you guys navigating in foreign places... and knew before you even left here, that you could use some help... Maybe next time..