Wednesday, July 30, 2008


top 6. it's intense. it was finally a show where every dance was just so phenomenal. when i heard that will was out (i was really hoping he wouldn't make it to the final 4) i was thinking - mark and courtney - so out. then they're paired together? oh man - a death sentence. and then the first song was okay. and then the second song? SO GOOD. i don't think anyone else could have done that dance as well as those two. well done mark and courtney.

twitch. okay, we love you. and you start 4 real. we think it's cool. it spreads to all the dancers. it's seems a little less cool. but you didn't do it once this episode. you wear the T t-shirts. first time - hey that's cool. second time - you have more than one colour - nice. third, fourth, fifth time - really? hmm... but then you don't wear the T t-shirt for your solo. you're smart. you're creating a brand...letting it catch on but right as we're almost sick of it - you stop. i'm intrigued.
cat. remember when the show was new (well...i only started watching second season, but you know what i mean) and we were like, "who is this cat deely?" i think tonight was her best episode yet. taking the gold out of twitch's mouth and putting it in her own? she's going out on a limb here. i love her. and the way she gets along with all the dancers? are they hanging out in their spare time?

aren't you thinking katee is going to win? man, she's great. and i have to say - there are some bad dance clothes out there and even favourites in the past have worn the weird brightly coloured sports bras in their solos but not katee. great outfits.

anyways - the show plays at 10pm here but now it's over and it's only 7pm BC time. i'm heading to bed and coming back tomorrow. but i still think mark and courtney are out.


liz said...

DO NOT ruin it by blogging before we've all seen it tommorow. or you're in big trouble. honestly.

judymacd said...

katee has been the most surprising to me.. guess it was the way she squeeked into the top 10. Can't believe that Nigel almost didn't include her... she is fabulous! The way she jumped into Joshua's arms in that one dance last night was unbelievable.. and who but Joshua could swing her around like that? We've already watched the show twice (we taped it!)

therachel said...

I am gunning for Katee to win. I think the judges are loving Joshuah though. Geez. I'm hoping Katee gets it. I also loved Mark & Courtney's Sonya number - so great!

rachel said...

Logan was so bummed when Will was voted out he almost stopped watching. I really would have preferred to see Twitch go - he's so great at what he does, but I find him stiff and awkward in the ballroom dances. Josh is ridiculously versatile. And being paired with katee makes him look even more fabulous (compare this week's performances to last - that disco number was NOT on the hot tamale train - he just staggered through it looking exhausted). I'm betting it's between these two for the top.

Your readers are glad you got back from your trip in time to blog about the finale! lol.