Wednesday, July 16, 2008

days of summer: 5

toe art


ashlee said...

nicely done :)

therachel said...

love the pink!

rachel said...

Logan and I have been loving SYTYCD this summer - we download it the next day with the results show and spend the rest of the weekend watching it in bits and pieces. Suddenly the TV dramas we follow seem not as fun. :) Haven't seen last nights' show, but our conclusions up to now: Much stronger set of guys than girls, with the exception of Katie. We like Will and Katie for the top two dancers - but have loved seeing Gev and Joshua really step up into completely different styles of dance from their own genre. Courtney and Mark have been so fun to watch as a couple - not sure how they'll do re-paired. We agreed with Nigel - so unhappy to see Thayne go. And Mia Michaels? Yup, she really is all that. Contemporary dance has become one of my fav styles to watch.

We're really sorry we're passing such lame dancing genes onto Nevin - he loves the hip hop routines and does this wierd krump-like stomp dancing to the songs his little toy car plays. lol.

Does Tim watch with you?

Laura said...

I was hoping to read your SYTYCD type:)