Friday, July 18, 2008

lil c and the poetic language

what a week. comfort back? switching up partners? kherington giving dagger eyes to the judges? will and katee rocking out? gev's solo? phew. it was so much for me that i didn't even post. haha - no, i was just busy. but thanks to the die-hard SYTYCD fans still looking me up.

next week, i'll be in PEI but have made sure to book a B&B that has a satellite tv in our room for wednesday. hey - maybe they'll have wireless too...

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therachel said...

so i noticed your title, and also the fact that you didn't elaborate on it...but every time Lil C opened his mouth I experienced a pre-emptive wince...his use of "eloquent" when it should have been "elegant" etc...painful painful painful after the first one or two couples. Eek. Someone should get the man a dictionary.