Wednesday, July 23, 2008

travel saga: PEI

confederation bridge

green. trees. farmland. ocean. red cliffs. lighthouses. history. old houses. red sand. bad roads. small communities. lobster traps. red dirt. forests. b&bs. white caps. church steeples.

it's all postcard like. everywhere you look. we keep coming to screeching halts to take pictures but they're beginning to all look the same. there's an obsession with anne in this province which is funny. it doesn't matter how small the corner store you're in - there is something anne of green gables related that you can buy. and as i was poring over the map, i realized that of the four categories of community, village, town, and city - there are only two cities on the island. and charlottetown (one of them) is only about 30,ooo people!

yesterday we started the morning with a classic double decker red bus tour around charlottetown. umm...some highlights? starting off with being told to be as quiet as possible during the tour. the senior housing community - 39 units where the rent is based on residents' income. the entrance to victoria park "on your right is the name of the park written in flowers. beautiful." haha - it was so funny - but we did get some history and see some parts of town we wouldn't have seen on our own. we drove all over the island. everything seems fairly close. but as the day wore on, and we saw more and more fields and forests, they started to look the same. in the second half of the day, tim was getting out and taking pictures on his own. i was so tired. we've been packing in the sightseeing so today we took a nap on the beach.


therachel said...

thanks for sharing about the trip! I think my favourite part of this post is the pic of you and Tim - Tim, Dallas will approve of the beard, and Bec, your hair is getting so long!

Alyssa said...

How exciting to get a post from the road! The pics look amazing.

judymacd said...

Great pics -- that bridge looks exactly like my pics from 3 years ago! It must ALWAYS have fog and mist surrounding it!!

Jamie said...

Yep that's PEI. Thanks for the post.


Margaret said...

Where is the Lake of Shinning Waters? ;)