Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the white man

no, this white man.

the other day, tim, jon (our friend who lives in our basement suite) and i were walking up to mcdonalds for an ice cream. when we got to the crossing, the light was green in the direction that we wanted to go but no one had pressed the button so i just started walking. the boys called, "what are you doing?" to me as i walked and they cowered on the sidewalk. they started to walk then stopped and went back - it made the people in the cars laugh. when they finally made it across, i argued, "it was green - you can walk." and they argued that you can't walk until the man shows up.

since then, i've been watching people at intersections. they wait and wait, the light turns green but the white man doesn't come so they turn around and press the button again but by now it's way too late. everyone. it's crazy to me.

is it crazy to anyone else? or am i just living on the edge?


Anonymous said...

hi rebecca -

i thought the little white man only showed up if you pushed the crosswalk button. otherwise, i thought you could just go on green.

hope you're doing well.


j1 said...

ditto to j2

Lach said...

should walk when it's safe. red light, green light, white man, who the eff cares. Why must we be told how to do the simplest of things? I cross when it's safe, which coincidently is not even always the case when the white man's there. useless.

therachel said...

uh, being someone who is often a pedestrian, due to my transit and cycling reliance, I think this is a toughie. I would argue that it also depends on how well you know the intersection. I for one know that if you don't push the button at a cross walk near our house, the green light is never as long and I'm not even sure if the white man turns up.

You've also got to be careful of the intersections where the light has turned green, but it is an advanced turning arrow for the one direction that has turned green already...then crossing can be risky business.

It is my opinion, Rebecca, that you would fit in great in NYC...you can often tell who is a more experienced pedestrian by the caution (or lack thereof) used in crossing streets...white man or not.

Jonny said...

I like to play it safe and wait for the man, Joy, on the other hand, is a bit too daring and goes when it's green.