Monday, February 27, 2006

buzz bishop and i are bestfriends

so today at school i had NINE kids who were absent due to sickness. NINE. in a class of 21, that's crazy! plus i had a TWU 4th year student there observing too so that was funny. all day, my class was just dead silent working. it was incredible.

THEN i get home and there's a message on my answering machine from buzz bishop. if you are from BC and listen to Z 95.3, you should know that buzz is the afternoon dj. i won $100 to use at Cannery Seafood on the water in Vancouver!!! how totally great is that? there was a contest where people send in emails if they're celebrating an anniversary because the Cannery is celebrating 35 years. so i emailed in that this month, tim and i have been married 500 days. (i knew this thanks to an email from the i guess my email was drawn today and now we have money to go out to restaurant we could have never afforded ever! i'm very very excited.

in regards to my haircut, this morning i had two comments from my students:
1) "you look like michael jackson or someone..."
2) "why did you get your haircut??"

haha. kids are so affirming. thank you for the much appreciated comments to yesterday's post.

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Rachel J said...

Sweet action, friend! You sure post a lot - I missed all the ones from the week I was traveling, but I think I commented on almost all of them...with Lys and Ang both leaving comments, it feels like we're keeping in touch in our little online blogging community. I feel like we shoud start a petition to get Alyssa on the blog wagon though.

Wonderful news about winning the gift certificate - can't wait to hear about your meal! Oh, and I suggest reading back over your the past week's posts - I commented lots! love you!