Tuesday, February 28, 2006

tips on fast & easy lunches from the queen of convenience herself

egg muffins. not to be mistaken for egg mcmuffins...

my brother, avid Men's Health reader, lent me a mag to read while i was over there on sunday and i found this idea for a healthy snack/breakfast/lunch etc.

crack an egg into a well-greased muffin tin. add a tbsp of diced deli turkey breast and a tbsp of chopped veggies (i chose tomato and green pepper). grate a little cheese on top. bake at 350 C for 12 - 15 min. you can freeze these little guys until you want one and then pop in the microwave for 35 sec. i had two for lunch today. FANTASTIC. travel - omlettes.

another quick lunch fix, if that's what you're looking for in life -- and i am -- is Lean Cuisine meat lasagnas. they're SO much better then i expected from a frozen microwave lasagna. and only 300 cal and 7 g of fat. they were on sale for $2.99 last week at Save On. great.

now...what's for dinner...? shoot...

in other news, i don't recommend Jason Mraz's Mr. A - Z cd. i love Jason Mraz. this cd was painful to listen to though i endured the entire thing to be totally sure it was bad.

on the other hand, the soundtrack of Garden State? recommended for mellow listening.

yes, HMV was having a 2 for $25 sale.


Jack Mann said...

Recipes and CD reviews. Tears at work and awkward moments in the gym. Now who hasn't had a few of those?

I think you are ready to go professional and write blogs full time for other people.

Kramer sold his stories to Peterman and you could sell these to people living boring lives.

love to read these


Alyssa said...

I totally bought Garden State at HMV for 2/$25! And it is so awesome... also, my dinner tonight at work is Lean Cuisine Meat Lasagna... this must be why we are friends.

PS I say dinner at work because today I am working 7pm to 7am, and I'm sick... yick.

Sharelle said...

i want to hear no more trash talking of said blog. i appreciate the recipes and the cd reviews. i was considering mr. mraz, and i now i will think twice. thanks for reading the blog - i promise i will post something funny soon, enough of this philosopher garbage:) saw tim today - he said he reads the blog to keep up on your life. i like that guy.

Sharelle said...

you know what -

i just realized that:
Mr. A-Z

Thats crazy - see how useful this blog is?