Thursday, February 16, 2006

my drive home

Here is what my drive home looks like:

This is Mt. Cheam. This is what I drive towards the entire way to school and then look up at from the school parking lot/playground.

This is the sunset beind the hills from the highway on the way home. No, I wasn't driving while I took this -- Sally and I were carpooling.

How could I possibly complain about the commute?


Judy said...

Love those mountain scenes.. but then I'm a bit of a mountain/sunset picture taker myself!! As I was driving towards Mt. Baker this morning at dawn, and saw how incredibly beautiful it was, I was thinking that you were looking at it right from your living room window... how lucky you are!!

dariansgirl said...

your the best blogger i know. you really are. as happy as i am for your view, i wish the view out your living room window was my house. missing you lots.

Rachel said...

Wow. I love BC. That picture of you and Tim valentines day is otherwordly.

And we were wondering... just what is taco pizza?

Alyssa said...

How does rachel not know what taco pizza is? I'm SURE we've all had it together before:)

I also love your bc pics on this site... they make me oh so jealous... I drive towards factories that spew fog and flames in the morning... although they do look pretty otherworldly at 6:30am

Bec Shulba said...

alyssa -- that's rachel my cousin -- not rachel j. haha. and rachel r. -- if you're reading this: taco pizza is from panago and it's cooked with grilled chicken or beef and cheese but also with salsa, sour cream and then fresh lettuce and tomato added after it comes out of the oven. very very good.