Sunday, February 26, 2006

new haircut

well the weekend has gone too quickly as usual.

i got a haircut...and a frosty. tim took this pic today.


dariansgirl said...

WOW! when i went to your blog I didn't even recognize you as the person in the picture! very fun. hey do you guys want to hang out next saturday night? maybe dinner and a rousing game of settlers? let me know.

Alyssa said...

Cute haircut... I'm inspired to cut my hair now even though I've been trying to grow in long.

ang said...

so great! Way to be brave and try something new!

Anonymous said...

Wow - really nice cut - makes your eyes look big, or as the hair stylist on What Not To Wear says -"makes your eyes pop!"
Looks great.

Rachel J said...

Oh, comments from nick arojo. Now if only we could get Carmindy over to do our make up. The hair looks FAB. Is it about the length of mine? I find the straightener is great for in the mornings - you can wash it the night before and just kind of "tame" it in the morning, throw some product in there and mess it it, work it!