Wednesday, February 22, 2006

science fair is here!

we made it! all of my kids had presentation boards and reports. although after setting up this morning, one of my students (she had done her project on cameras) says to me, "i don't have anything to put in front of my board." and i'm looking at her, "ok...what do you want me to do?" " looks boring..." i'm just shaking my head, "well now you know for next time that you want to have something to have in front, right?" she says sadly, "there's not going to be a next time because i'm moving to calgary." "oh don't worry -- every school does science projects!"

here's a few pics of my kids (not that they're interesting to anyone but me but hey! this is my life and my blog!):

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dariansgirl said...

tornado boy really pulled it together. way to go! missed you at rach's shower...everyone was an adult except for laura and i and laura had larynghitis so she couldn't talk. ha!