Sunday, February 12, 2006

tag...i'm it

so after my last post, i went off the air for a life did not get more interesting so i'm back and happy to be blogging again. also good to see that jack mann reads my blog. ha. in my absence, my cousin rachel (see sidebar for link) has tagged me so here's some mo info.

four jobs you've had in your life:
1) long-standing waitress at troll's on the beach
2) bec the nanny
3) Salty Sam - mascot of the Port of Vancouver
4) teacher

four movies you could watch over and over again (not to be confused with favourite movies):
1) Back to the Future
2) Dirty Dancing
3) Almost Famous
4) Wild Heart Can't Be Broken

four TV show you love to watch:
1) What Not to Wear
2) King of Queens
3) Law and Order (SVU or CI, not original L&O)
4) Amazing Race

four places you've lived:
1) South Surrey
2) White Rock
3) Abbotsford
4) Langley
(no...i haven't been far)

four places you've been on vacation to:
1) Hollister, CA, USA
2) Smithers, BC, CAN
3) Toronto, ON, CAN
4) Tofino, BC, CAN

four places you would rather be (or where you'd like to visit?):
1) in bed
2) Hawaii - Hi Ang
3) Bosnia - Hi D
4) Australia - Hi Raquel in Apr.

four of your favourite foods:
1) diet coke
2) tacos/taco salad/taco pizza
3) my mom's homemade pizza
4) rice pudding

four websites you visit daily:
1) My Blogger Dashboard
4) any of the blogs on my sidebar

four CDs you're digging right now:
1) Funeral - Arcade Fire
2) I'm a Mountain - Sarah Harmer
3) Best of Barenaked Ladies
4) Footloose Soundtrack

four tagged:
1) Rachel Jahner
2) Ang
3) Sharelle
4) Liz (if she even reads this!)

wait...these are the only people i know with blogs! ha.


Katie said...

Hey Rebecca!
I got a kick out of your survey, and especially the "advice" that Tim gave you for your Feb. 4th post - about hairpins. I can just imagine him saying that to you! I am proud to say that I scored 88 on your quiz - same as your husband! WOW - are you scared? Thanks for bringing joy to my life. Can't wait to hear more...

dariansgirl said...

ha. i do to read this blog. every single day i'll have you know. i'm just not much of a commenter. we need to get together...i'll talk to you soon. maybe america another weekend?