Sunday, February 19, 2006

shoulda coulda woulda

here are a couple photos are from the past couple weeks and should have been posted with their proper posts but i'm always waiting to upload my photos at my parents because i haven't installed (and actually i've lost) the software to put on my own computer. SO...
personality fashion show (jan. 31 post)

tim's new wedding ring (feb. 13 post)

today in White Rock on the way to church

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RJ said...

I think Tim should be a hand model for Swiss Chalet - I'm imagining his left hand, wedding ring in full view, holding a fry while dipping it in Chalet sauce. Ha. Funny, because I asked my roomate (after our little outing at SC), if she liked the Chalet sauce - her answer: "I drink it after I'm done dipping my fries in it." WHAT?!